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We Love Questions!

And a few more questions...

  • What qualities matter most when deciding on books for my students?

  • How can I help students actually care about their reading notebooks?

  • What reading skills matter most when teaching fiction? How do I decide what to focus my teaching on?

  • How do I help students stop copying facts from nonfiction books and simply restating what they just read?

  • How do I help students think deeply across a book and develop bigger ideas that are still based on the text?

  • What do I listen for when I hear students talk about fiction and nonfiction texts?

  • What do I look for when I look at students' reading notebook entries?

Look at the What Do I Teach Readers' Tomorrow? Nonfiction book's Table of Contents for a peek into the chapters that answer these questions and more.

We will be adding resources to this site that continue to answer your questions. Look forward to sample lessons, charts, student work examples and more.

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