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We are friends, authors, and literacy consultants dedicated to supporting teachers with meaningful literacy instruction. At the heart of our work is a deep belief that instruction is most effective when it matches the interests, strengths, and needs of the students in the class and that teachers must be trusted as instructional decision-makers. We hope the resources on this site as well as our books help all reading teachers develop expertise and confidence to assess, decide, model, and coach in student-centered ways. When we follow our students' leads, every student can become an engaged and purposeful reader.

We wrote this two-book series to help every teacher who ever finished a minilesson or reading conference and then asked themselves, "What do I teach readers tomorrow?" The books are packed with ideas for answering this question with look for's, key lesson ideas, note-taking forms, favorite books, and much more.

Announcement Video

Watch Gravity and Renee explain the big ideas in their new book series. 

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