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In this webinar we take you through our decision-making framework with a bit of research, and then we show examples of what to look and listen for (even when you don't know the student's book), so you can confidently decide what to teach next.

In this interview, Renee and Gravity share practical tips for conferring with readers as well as taking and using notes.

What type of decision maker are you? Take this self-reflection questionnaire to help identify trends and patterns in your decision-making style in an effort to beat decision fatigue. 

Preserve mental energy by using our quick and easy favorite text selection criteria guide. The Zagat of book choice! Let us know your favorite teaching books or the latest reads in your classroom library.  

Take a look at the short list of favorite fiction books we use in our teaching! Download Appendix B from What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow Fiction here and share with us some of your favorite teaching texts.  

Use this note taking guide on your clipboard as you lean in and listen to student conversations as a way to uncover how students think about their reading.  Find this and other clipboard notes in What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow? 

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